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Its been a busy summer and fall at Margaret Pearl Designs.  I was at the Farmers market for most of the season and did a couple of other events. If you are looking for something on line, I am working hard to make and list new items.  If you have a particular item or idea in mind, contact me and I will work with you to custom make something for you. Thank you to all my customers, I am looking forward to the new year and new pieces to create!

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Here Comes Summer!

Hey Everyone,It's a beautiful spring here in the Willamette Valley with just enough rain to make everything green and so pretty! The Thursday Farmer's Market in downtown Mcminnville has begun and I will be joining the fun during the month of June. Come on over and check out the wonderful just picked vegetables and berries and so much more....including of course, Jewelry from Margaret Pearl Designs. Hope to see you there!

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First post

Hey Everyone! I got the new website up and running (I think).  Still working on it so pardon any weirdness you might encounter.... Starting to see signs of spring here in the NW...Hooray!!  I'm awaiting word from the Mcminnville Farmers Market as to whether they will have a space for me. If you find yourself in the Yamhill Valley this summer, check out the farmers market in downtown Mcminnville, you're gonna LOVE it!  In the meantime,  I am adding pieces to the website almost every day, so make a cup of tea, get cozy and browse! 

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